2018 Impacts



  • 62 tons of material diverted from the landfills.

  • 809 cubic yards of material given a second life.

  • 36.42 metric tons of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions prevented from entering the atmosphere…. that’s like the GHG emissions from removing 7.8 cars from the road for 1 year… or making 25 round trips between Austin and New York City.*

  • Carbon emissions avoided equivalent to carbon sequestered by 42.84 acres of U.S. forests storing carbon for a year.*

*Data provided by DonateNYC program through NYC's Reuse Impact Calculator. Only includes diversion from drop-off stations and mattress sanitization pilots.



  • $18,000+ in property manager savings (calculated from 5 property portfolios that responded to City staff requests for data)

  • $136,000 estimated value of recovered material from West Campus Move out.

  • 225 under-served Austin citizens directly benefited by material donated.

  • Profits from sold material enough to employ 2 entry-level employees at a reuse organization, and provide 23 hours of employee training