The Problem

Over 12,000 students live in West Campus - the neighborhood directly west of the University of Texas at Austin. Each July, a significant volume of material is abandoned on the curb or near dumpsters when students move. Much of this material could be reused, and the pattern causes headaches for students, parents, community members, property owners and the City.

Program Goals

  • Encourage college students to reuse, resell, and donate unwanted material instead of throwing it “away” 

  • Create a process that can be repeated, scaled, and sustained by the community 

  • Move closer towards Austin's  Zero Waste goal

  • Help increase used material donations and provide economic development opportunities for local reuse organizations 

  • Decrease clean-up costs for property managers and landlords 

  • Reduce eyesores for tenants and community members, post-move-out 

  • Minimize safety and health hazards during move-out